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SXH polymer matrix with gel structure

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SXH polymer matrix is a gel structure with three components and ability to swell by absorption of water which has exceptional mechanical properties . The development of this product is based on the latest knowledge of polymer chemistry and our long experience in the field of sealing construction works.

SXH is especially characterized by what is the extremely low viscosity of the mixture, very similar to that of water.
This enables to carry out a series of sanitation process that could not be performed with materials of higher viscosities injection.

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Depending on the amount of component B (initiator or" "hardener" ") wich is part of the mixture varies the period of application of sx H. Application Period (processing time) is characterized by a sudden viscosity increase. Shortly before reaching the end of application period, or life time, the material becomes cloudy and react acquiring a whitish color (Cloudtime). Irrespective of the amount applied component B, from the beginning to the cloudtime spend 45 to 60 seconds.

As in all chemical reactions, the gel hardening (Polymerization) also depends on temperature. Here it happens that with the same amount of component B, the gelation reaction runs more slowly to lower the temperature. On the other side occurs the same, that means that with the same amount of component B, the greater the ambient temperature, the faster gel formation occurs. This effect derived from the temperature can be compensated to a great extent varying the amount of component B.

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In a state of top reaction, S x H may swell on contact with water. Although only swelling occurs until a maximum value of approx 20% of the volume. The swelling capacity Limit is important to remain the excellent mechanical properties.

The relatively low percentage of swelling of 20% in volume has been particulary monitorized from the factory to meet the requirements of the Deutsche Bahn AG (German national railway company) for Gel injection. These requirements are contained in the guideline "Instructions for planning and implementing measures gelation Deutsche Bahn AG "(AIB 835.9201). With regard to the performance of swelling in this guideline prescribes a volume ~ 15% after 14 days water storage, which is clearly below SXH (See Proof of technical application PZ / 1198-106). This test is necessary to sealing work on the Deutsche Bahn AG (train roads construction) and other buildings.

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