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System of injection resins with curing and expansion controlled


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Prenoplug, resins for injection

PRENOPLUG is a revolutionary system of resins, thought especially to consolidate to stabilize, to stuff and to cork way of water where other materials are washed by the own pressure of the water.

FEATURES OF PRENOPLUG Resins for injection

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This system is formed by a wide group of resins with those that can obtain different expansion degrees and different times of being forged, it can reactive with water or not, this allows us to choose the most appropriate for each work.

PRENOPLUG consolidates banks, lands etc. repair cracks and fissures and it even corks ways of water against pressure without importance of caring the flow that it has, PRENOPLUG it is the definitive solution to seal entrances of water in basements, elevator holes, unions between flagstone and wall, meetings among bataches, walls screen, anchorages and all work type that it is low water level. It is equally suitable for mines, highway tunnels, train and undergrounds, channels, tanks of water, hydraulic power stations, etc.


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PRENOPLUG is applied by injectors with valves anti-return and by means of a machine of double piston, the resin is injected inside the surface to treat even penetrating for among the micro fissures, reacting in the interior stuffing all the empty spaces and avoiding the step of the water, at the same time that it consolidates the support.


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Resin of very low viscosity

Easy access toward the interior of the injected area

Resin reacts in expansion form

Generate a pressure that makes it even penetrate in the finest fissures, guaranteeing the perfect watertightness of the treated support

The different expansion types and times of having forged, allow us to determine in each case the one that better benefits contribute

Maximum result with the minimum consumption.

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PRENOPLUG STORAGE Resins for injection

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One year stored in their closed container, in the covered local protecting it of the sun and of big variations of temperature.

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