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Polymer bitumen waterproofing

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Waterproofing based on a dispersion of bitumen-polymer cold application


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Waterproofing bitumen-polymer

PRENOLATIC is a creamy brownish-black paste, base of asphalt bitumen’s modified with chloroprene to achieve grater elasticity and resistance to atmospheric aging.

Once applied, PRENOLASTIC creates a film in the form of a continuous membrane with a high modulus of elasticity, tensile strength and rupture elongation.

PRENOLASTIC is odourless, non-flammable and non-toxic. Moreover, it adheres well to normal constructions material such as concrete, mortar, brick, stone, asbestos cement and metal surfaces.

Since PRENOLASTIC consists of chloroprene-modifies asphalt, it offers excellent resistance to extreme temperatures (hot or cold), with no cracking at low temperatures or dripping at high temperatures in the summer.

Once applied, PRENOLASTIC does not deteriorate or crack and etains all its waterproofing qualities. PRENOLASTIC can be applied as a strong, elastic continuous membrane on a surface even when wet to waterproof the entire surface, including groove, holes and cracks.

Waterproofing with PRENOLASTIC is as easy as sweeping.


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Solid content: 58%
Density: 900Kg/m3 at 25ºC.
Viscosity: 25-27.000 mPas (LVH/3rpm) at 25ºC
Adhesion (ASTM D 4541): 2,3 Kg/cm2
Tensile strength (UNE 53.413 ap. 4.5): 1,6 Kg/cm2
Rupture elongation (UNE 53.413 ap. 4.5): 303%
Water vapour permeability (UNE 53.358 ap. 3.12): breathable
Water-tightness (NF T 30.701): total
Pliability at low temperatures (UNE 104.281/6-4): very goog with no cracking

Accelerated artificial ageing (UNE 53.104). (After 1.000 hours)
Tensile strength: 2,1 Kg/cm2
Rupture elongation: 199%


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Waterproofing of terraces, roofs, gardeners, vertical walls such as party walls, foundations, public works constructions, dams areas such as bathrooms, showers, basements. PRENOLASTIC can be applied to any surface that requires waterproofing.

HOW TO BE APPLIED PRENOLASTIC, Bitumen-polymer Waterproofing

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The surface to which PRENOPLATIC will be applied must be clean and free of dust or loose material; however, dampness does not cause any problem.

Apply PRENIPLASTIC manually with brush, short-pile wool roller-edged trowel or leveller or using power tools such as high-performance air-less spray gun.

Initially in a porous surface, dilute some PRENOPLATIC with water, stir well to mix and apple an initial primer coat before applying subsequent coats of undiluted product. The amount of water will vary from 10 to 50 per cent, depending on the substrate porosity. On dry porous surfaces with remains of dust, it is necessary to apply a priming first coat, before applying the final coat.

Applying PRENOLASTIC is very easy! Simply use the brush and paint on; PRENOLASTIC waterproofs with simple brush applications.

Apply approximately 1-1.5kg. per square metre with each, intercalating a glass fabric or netting.

PRENOLASTIC dries by water evaporating; hence the drying time depends on ambient humidity ant temperature conditions. Drying should take any a few hours in summer, with more time required in winter.

To clean hands or tools, use water before the product has dried. When dry, use solvents such as Biodisol, diesel fuel, petrol, etc.


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25Kg. Pails

DOSAGE RATE OF PRENOLASTIC, Bitumen-polymer Waterproofing

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Varies depending on substrate porosity and number of coats; generally 200 g per sq m for the primer coat and 1 – 1.5 Kg for each of the two subsequent coats.
Recommending for vertical parameters: 1 – 2Kg/m2 in two coats; horizontal or slightly sloped: 2 – 3 Kg/m2 in two coats.

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