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Resins for injection

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Material for injection

StekoX@ Polyurethane resin for injection

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Resins for injection

Resin for injection of high quality and low viscosity for sealing cracks, horizontal blocks and injections by injected tube.
The resin for injection is elastic and can come into contact with drinking water (Certified check).
Make a previous injection of polyurethane foam resin StekoX @ to water pressure and / or normal water flows.

Properties of Resins for injection

Polyurethane Resin of two component
No solvents
Mixing ratio 1: 1 volume ratio
Temperature field > + 5' C
2 hours period of application (1 R, 20°C)
Catalyzing StekoX@ B 14
Ideal equipment Cleaner StekoX@ A y B

StekoX@ foaming polyurethane resin for injection

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Foaming polyurethane resin for injection reactive to moisture to seal cracks and leaks that are under pressure and by passing water.
The Injection foam resin foamy quickly and can increase 30 to 50 times its volume. Also suitable for application in areas of drinking water (test certificate).
For permanent sealing is required subsequent injection of polyurethane resin for injection StekoX @.


Foaming polyurethane resin S
Mix 1 component
Viscosity 1200 ± 100 mPas
Temperature range 0 -40°C
Application period Reaction begins upon contact with water
Expansion starts approx. 30 s after contact with water - If necessary, the reaction can be catalyzed with stekoX @ ADDX.
Appropriate cleaner Cleaner stekoX@ B

StekoX@ Cleaner

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Resins for injection. StekoX@ Cleaner A

Cleaner pumps and devices with great strength solvent. Suitable for @ StekoX all resins in a fluid state and not hardened. solvent organic mixture, fuel and colorless.

Resins for injection. StekoX@ Cleaner B

Powerfully Cleaner to take off and swollen hardened foam resin for injection eg. Organic solvent, fuel and colorless.


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Applications of Resins for Injection

Reacts with water is a single component with integrated catalyst, free of CFCs. Ready to use without mixing:

For the water flows
For consolidation
Application at ambient temperatures between O and 40 ° C

Reaction data

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Average reaction time measured with 10% added water.

If necessary, the reaction can be accelerated by the catalyst PUR.

The above data are tested in laboratory. May vary in practice depending on the properties of the stone, humidity, pressure, among other factors.

Properties of resins for injection

Density at 25°C1150 ± 40 kg/m3 ColorBrown Flash point> 100 °C Viscosity at 5°C2900 ± 300 mPa's Viscosity at 10ºC2100 ± 200 mPa'sViscosity at 15°C1200 ± 100 mPa'sViscosity at 25°C425 ± 75 mPa's

Properties and composition of resins for injection

SX consists of "isocionate" modified softeners and additives.

Applications of Resins for Injection

SX reacts with water. Therefore in open containers may be formed as a skin on the liquid surface by reaction with moisture in the air, which does not affect the operating time.

SX is injected as a single component through the use of packers with a manual pump or an engine in the affected areas. When contacted with water, the reaction so that foam hardens. If the zone to be sealed is not enough water can harden the resin.

Recomendations for Resins for Injection

We recommend to store the product first at a temperature of 15 ° C for 12 hours in order to achieve the proper temperature between 15 to 30 º C.

Safe Handling Information for Resins for Injection

Protection using gloves and glasses, do not inhale ...
After contact with skin or eyes, wash with water and go see the doctor.

Request information without compromise about
Resins for injection
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