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Tube injected SX1.

Injection systems

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Tube injected SX1
Injection systems

Injection systems

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Tube injected, injection systems, round which lies in all its surface. The half-round notches running in direction give the longitudinal injection system with a flat contact single boards. This design allows flexibility of the system by making it possible placing profitable.

Contact with the gasket over the entire surface, which can be enhanced by the use of a mesh, guarantees maximum security of the system during injection.


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Please ask for our specifications in detail and verification report.


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Easy cut of the body tube thanks to the indicator marks of length found in the injection systems Injected Tube SX1

We guarantee the product to be injected flows even when the tube is highly bent, thanks to its internal geometry stellate

One mark for each lineal meter

You can use the accessories WATERPROOF X ® 1 (For installation, see instructions WATERPROOF X ® 1)

Economic Alternatives

Efficient production makes possible to reduce costs

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Injection systems, Tube injected SX1
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